Comtec’s partnership with Stäubli, Arburg and Moretto grows stronger

While we can’t physically visit our partners in Europe, it’s not stopping us from growing our client’s businesses through our exclusive Australian partnership with Stäubli, Arburg and Moretto. We recently installed a new Arburg 570 E 2000-800 (200T) electric machine in our Melbourne showroom which will be used for customer demonstrations, operator training and application development. The machine is fully equipped with a SISE 12-Zone hot runner controller, HB-THERM die-heater, Moretto material dryer, blender and loader and a Stäubli TX2-90L 6-axis robot.

Right now we’re discovering so many automation opportunities that exist for our customers. Thanks to our exclusive partnership with Stäubli, we have this staggering world of automation, and all of the possibilities it brings, at our fingertips. If you have an idea you want to bring to life or a problem that needs solving, let’s talk.

We are open for business! Please call us to find out more on 1300 768 826.