Why we do it

Because it’s in our DNA. The curiosity, the obsession with understanding how things work, then making them work better. The kick we get out of discovering something new, making it work to solve a real business problem. Maybe it will help to know about our history.

It all began in an old English barn

It’s the mid-70s – we’re in a rustic barn on a dairy farm just outside Hampton Post, Cheshire. But there are no horses inside this barn. Push open the swing doors and step into Bob Parrington’s makeshift workshop. Bob’s busy crafting parts for Rover and Renault — with precision and dedication. His reputation for excellence and integrity grows among his customers and business is starts to thrive.

Family and opportunity lead Bob, his wife Irene and young family to Australia where he discovers a new industry to apply his skills and business acumen. It’s in Adelaide where the Comtec story flourishes. First, Bob establishes his own company, IPE, and his reputation as a meticulous craftsman picks up from where it left off in England. The owner of Comtec, one of Bob’s suppliers, is retiring and looking for someone he trusts to carry on the Comtec name. Having firsthand knowledge of Bob’s expertise and integrity, he knows what to do.