At Comtec, we can supply your complete plant/facility, including all upstream and downstream equipment.

Markets and applications we specialise in include – polyolefin, engineering plastics, master batch, PVC, food, pharmaceutical, chemical & reactive technology, powder coating, adhesives, more.

Comtec compounding and extrusion know-how:

  • degassing
  • silos & material storage
  • material powder or pellet conveying systems & components
  • material high-speed mixers
  • material loss in weight feeders
  • melt-pumps
  • pelletizing systems
  • drying
  • classification
  • material homogenising
  • material pellet conveying systems
  • continuous blenders
  • tanks, pullers & cutters
  • metal detectors & separation
  • storage silos
  • container, big bag, bagging systems & product packing

Our partners: